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The Tetras peptide synthesizer is a machine designed for automated solid-phase peptide synthesis. It is manufactured by Thuramed, a company that specializes in peptide equipment. The Tetras synthesizer is designed to simplify the process of peptide synthesis by automating many of the steps involved in creating custom peptides. The machine uses a series of reagents, solvents, and resins to build peptide chains from individual amino acids in a step-by-step process known as solid-phase peptide synthesis. One of the key advantages of the Tetras synthesizer is its ability to automate the tedious and time-consuming steps involved in peptide synthesis. This allows researchers to focus on other aspects of their work, such as designing new peptides and studying their biological properties. The Tetras synthesizer can be used to synthesize a wide range of peptides, including those with complex structures and modifications. It can also be programmed to carry out a variety of different protocols and methods, making it a versatile tool for peptide research. Overall, the Tetras peptide synthesizer is a powerful and useful tool for researchers and scientists working in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology.


Modular design, almost zero downtime

32 digitally controlled metering pumps precisely deliver reagents and solvents

Disposable, isolated reaction wells eliminate cross contamination

Variable synthesis scale that can be run in parallel

Remote access software, service engineer always beside you

Flexible, user-defined protocols for each reaction well

Technical Information

Through improved production and peptide chemistry methods, Tetras Thuramed has made peptide synthesis simple and efficient for increased production with a higher quality experience. By providing up to 106 peptides of variable scales and chemistries which can be synthesized at the same time, along with up to 32 completely separate injection stations, four purge stations, volo options, and increased safety features, your peptide production will be a success with TetrasUI Advanced Software

  • Asynchronous, Up to 106 Peptides of Variable Scales and Chemistries Can Be Synthesized at the Same Time
  • Use of Separate, Disposable Reactors Eliminates Cross-Contamination
  • Small Reactors (106 Total Simultaneous)
    • 3 – 4 mL Working Volume
    • 30 μmol to 100 μmol
    • 10 mg up to 300 mg (Depending on Resin)
  • Medium Reactors (35 Total Simultaneous)
    • 25 mL Working Volume
    • 100 μmol to 500 μmol
    • 100 mg up to 1000 mg (Depending on Resin)
  • Large Reactors (21 Total Simultaneous)
    • 40 ml working volume
    • 250 μmol up to 1000 μmol
    • 500 mg up to 3000 mg (Depending on Resin)
  • Up to 32 Completely Separate Injection Stations
  • Digitally Controlled Metering Pumps
  • Each can be either Internally (250 mL Bottle) or Externally (No volume Limit) Supplied
    • Standard Compliment of 8 External, 24 Internal but fully customizable to any customer requirements.
      • Externally Supplied Stations Draw from Fluid Supplies through a 1/8” OD Hard Walled Tube no more than 5’ distance from the Tetras.
      • Internally Supplied Stations Draw Fluids from A Needle / Septa Interface
      • 250 mL or 500mL Bottle depending on the model
  • Accurate Dispense Volumes down to +/- 10%
  • Maximum Dispense Rate = 25 mL / Minute
  • All Stations are Compatible with Amino Acids, Solvents, and Reagents
  • Fluid Paths are Constantly Monitored for Leaks through use of Optical 
  • Deliver Inert Gas to Empty Reaction Wells of Fluids
  • 4 or 8 purge stations depending on model 
  • Purge Stations Deliver DMF / NMP in Addition to Nitrogen for Extremely Fast Wash Cycles
  • Increases Machine Speed by 45% with a Minimum Number of 40 Peptides Running Simultaneously
    • Glass Doors Equipped with Safety Interlock System
    • Machine Stops When Doors are Opened
    • Ventilation 
    • Air Inline Detection
    • Purge Volume Monitor
    • Optional Vent Blower for Fume Removal where Venting Systems are Weak
  • Preloaded Protocols
  • Customizable, User-Defined Protocols  
    • Create your Own based on Chemistry Preferences
    • Each Peptide, up to 106) can use Separate Protocols During the Same Synthesis
  • Add or Remove Peptides at will
    • As Peptides are Completed, the Tetras can be Paused Momentarily for Removal of any Completed Peptides
    • New Peptides are Added to the Current Run in the Same Way.
  • E-Mail Notifications on Syntheses States
  • Chemical Checklist
    • Calculates Volumes and Weights for all Synthesis Materials
  • 1 Nitrogen Supply Inlet, ¼” OD Tube Ready
  • Gauges Display both psi and kPa
  • 4” Adaptor for Vent Connection
  • 8 or more external fluid supply connections ¼” OD Tubing
  • 2 drain connections .25” OD Tubing 


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